Security expert Charity Wright discusses the Dark Web in Russia, how the Dark Web is being used in Vietnam for anonymity from the government, China’s surveillance efforts, and more.

Russian Dark Web

Russian Dark Web

Russian Dark Web- At the Black Hat USA 2019 cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas, CNET and CBS News Senior Producer Dan Patterson spoke with IntSights Charity Wright about cybercrime, the Dark Web, and cybersecurity laws. The following is an edited transcript of the interview.

Charity Wright: I think a lot of people think of Dark Web and think about black websites with forums and chat rooms. But it actually, surprisingly, it looks very normal like the clear web, except they’re just talking about criminal topics.

One thing about the Russian Dark Web is it’s the biggest and has been around the longest. The Russians created the Dark Web back in 1997. It started off very basic user interfaces, and now it’s websites that have been around for over a decade and deep forums, message boards, market places. The Dark Web in Russia is actually a legitimate business. Millions of dollars being made off of, you name it, cybercrime malware, Zero Days, but drugs, human trafficking as well.

There’s a few things that we’ve been researching lately that tend to be trending that don’t exist in other languages in the Dark Web. And one thing that we’ve noticed lately is insider trading is a really big issue. So we’re talking about Russians working inside government agencies in Russia, working for ISPs and telecom companies that are selling insider information on the Dark Web. That’s something we don’t see elsewhere, and it’s actually really successful so far.

Not necessarily regarding trading, but we’re talking about valuable information that could be used to exploit certain assets. So for example, one topic that we saw a post on recently was offering cell phone tracking services for sale. The individual worked for a telecom company inside Russia, and they’re selling geolocation services. So if I give you a cell phone number you’d be able to track down, within a couple of miles, where that cell phone is located. But not just location, also call logs and text message logs too.

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