Inconceivable debauchery and depravity witnessed here are downright disgusting.
Human trafficking dark-web

Human trafficking dark-web

Human trafficking dark-web- In Dante’s Inferno, treachery is the ninth circle of Hell. The traffickers, users and abusers populating the human trafficking sites on the darknet where the vulnerable sections of humanity get betrayed in most perfidious ways would easily stack up for the tenth circle if Dante were to create one today.

Inconceivable debauchery and depravity witnessed here are downright disgusting.

Benjamin Faulkner, a Canadian, was the owner of “Child’s Play,”, a dark-net child pornography website that at its peak had over 1 million profiles. The website showcased over 100 producers of pornography who raped and brutalised children and shot videos of their sadism for the keen delight of paedophiles around the world.

After running the site for the first six months, the United States Department of Homeland Security captured Benjamin Faulkner along with his associate Patrick Falte when they met in Virginia on October 2016. At the time of his arrest, Faulkner carried on his electronic devices a child porn collection of 47,000 images and 2,900 videos. His associate Falte had been an administrator on “The GiftBox Exchange”, another darknet child pornography site that the authorities shut down in November 2016. They sentenced both to life imprisonment.

After the arrest of the founders, for the remaining eleven months the Australian Queensland Police Service’s Task Force Argos took over “Child’s Play” and clandestinely administered the site as a part of “Operation Artemis”. Police officers Jon Rouse and Paul Griffiths of Queensland Police impersonated the website’s founders for 11 months, engaging with paedophiles and sharing material online with the object of catching perpetrators as a part of ‘Operation Artemis’, a joint investigation effort involving Australian, American and European authorities. The undercover operation resulted in the identification of 90% of the users and 1,000 arrests. Amnesty International also condemned the actions as “unacceptable under human rights law”. Ivar Stokkereit, a legal adviser to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Norway, stated this was “a clear infringement of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, even though the police’s motive was to prevent new offences in the long run.”

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