How to hack a nest camera

How to hack a nest camera

How to hack a nest camera- Researchers from the security firm Cisco Talos identified eight separate vulnerabilities in the Nest Cam IQ, Google’s high-end home security camera system.

By exploiting these flaws, the researchers were able to take over cameras, access video recordings, or even disable the Nest camera altogether, according to Motherboard. Google has promised a firmware update, but the surprising number of weaknesses in its cybersecurity is troubling news for customers who installed the vulnerable cameras inside and around their homes.

Widespread Problem

Google said that it’s already started to roll out updates to any Nest camera connected to the internet, Motherboardreports. But the cybersecurity weaknesses that the Cisco Talos researchers found weren’t always unique to Nest, meaning other cameras on the market will remain compromised.

“The problem is systemic across multiple camera brands,” Aite Group security researcher Alissa Knight told Motherboard.

Knight wasn’t involved in the probe into Nest security, but she’s found similar problems in other internet-connected security cameras.

“These vulnerabilities seem to be endemic,” she added.

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