US-based search giant, Google recently announced a few updates to its improve user privacy
Google Privacy Security

Google Privacy Security

Google Privacy Security- Internet companies have been facing global heat due to debates around weak online privacy and security of the users. According to media reports, French data protection watchdog CNIL had slapped Google with a €50 million fine, earlier this year, stating that the company failed to provide transparency and information about its data use policies to its users. The company was also fined $5 billion by the European Union.

At a time when all countries are debating the role and responsibilities of an internet company about data protection, several companies are stepping up their game to gain user trust.

US-based search giant, Google recently announced a few more updates to its improve user privacy.

Incognito In Google Maps

Google has now introduced incognito mode in its Maps so places searched by the user will not be saved in the Google account. The data will thus not be used for offering a personalized experience. Users can turn the incognito mode off at any time. According to the official statement, the “Incognito mode” feature will be rolled out on Android this month and soon on iOS.

Auto-Delete On Youtube

Google will now allow its users to auto-delete their Youtube history. Users can set a time period of 3 months, 18 months when they wish their data to be deleted. This feature was earlier launched in May for auto-deleting location history and web & app activity including things search and browsed by a user.

Control Privacy Settings Via Google Assistant

Google will now help users manage their data conveniently via Google Assistant. Users can now ask Assistant about how it keeps their data safe when the Assistant will share information about how we keep your data private and secure. Users will also be allowed to delete Assistant activity from an account by using commands such as, “Hey Google, delete the last thing I said to you” or “Hey Google, delete everything I said to you last week.” Users will not have to turn on any of these features. This will be rolled out in the  English language next week. The feature for other languages will be rolled out next month, according to the official statement.

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