As security tools gather growing amounts of intelligence, experts explain how companies can protect this data from rogue insiders and other threats.

Security People

Security People

Security People- Modern security tools are growing increasingly capable, scanning millions of devices and gathering intelligence on billions of events each day. While the idea is to piece together more information for threat intelligence, it also begs the question of how all this data is secured.

“There’s so much more data today, more than there has ever been,” says Rebecca Herold, founder and CEO of The Privacy Professor consultancy. “And organizations never delete it, so they’re always adding more, with more devices and more applications.”

Further, she adds, there are several more locations where information is collected, stored, and accessed. Many companies lack control over employee-owned devices, which may be used to access key data.

Malicious insiders are a real and growing threat to companies, especially those who hold vast amounts of sensitive data. Twitter and Trend Micro are two examples on a long – and growing – list of organizations that have abused legitimate access to enterprise systems and information.

With sensitive data streaming in, it is imperative that security companies reconsider how they store it and who can reach it.

For many businesses, this demands a closer look at the IT department, which Herold says is often given too much access to data, even in the largest firms. IT pros who develop and test new applications are often given full access to production data for testing.

“This is a huge risk in a couple of big ways,” she notes. When you give developers and coders access to production data, you’re letting them see some pretty sensitive information and bring it into potentially risky situations. “Oftentimes, what is being done with those applications could leak the data, depending on what the system or app they’re building does,” Herold says.

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