Cybercriminals will also target mobile investments apps which have become more popular among users around the globe.

Online payment systems

Online payment systems

Online payment systems- More cybercriminal groups will target online payment processing systems in 2020, researchers from global cybersecurity and anti-virus brand Kaspersky have warned. Over the past couple of years, so-called JS-skimming (the method of stealing of payment card data from online stores), has gained immense popularity among attackers.

Kaspersky researchers in their latest report said they are currently aware of at least 10 different actors involved in these type of attacks. Their number will continue to grow during the next year, the report said, adding that the most dangerous attacks will be on companies that provide services such as e-commerce as-a-service, which will lead to the compromise of thousands of companies.

“This year has been one of many important developments. Just as we predicted at the end of 2018, it has seen the emergence of new cybercriminal groups, like CopyPaste, a new geography of attacks by Silence group, cybercriminals shifting their focus onto data that helps to bypass antifraud systems in their attacks,” Yuriy Namestnikov, Security Researcher at Kaspersky, said in a statement.

“Behavioural and biometrics data is on sale on the underground market. Additionally, we expected JS-skimmer base attacks to increase and they did. With 2020 on the horizon, we recommend security teams in potentially affected areas of the finance industry to gear up for new challenges,” Namestnikov said.

In addition, cybercriminals will also target mobile investments apps which have become more popular among users around the globe, according to the predictions from Kaspersky on the expected development of the threat landscape in the financial sector.

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