After a hacker broke into a Ring camera in Tennessee and spoke to a child, Motherboard found hackers have made dedicated software for gaining access.
Ring Cameras Hackers

Ring Cameras Hackers

Ring Cameras Hackers- Hackers have created dedicated software for breaking into Ring security cameras, according to posts on hacking forums reviewed by Motherboard. The camera company is owned by Amazon, which has hundreds of partnerships with police departments around the country.

On Wednesday, local Tennessee media reported that a hacker broke into a Ring camera installed in the bedroom of three young girls in DeSoto County, Mississippi, and spoke through the device’s speakers with one of the children.

The family said they had the camera for four days, during which time the hacker could have been watching the kids go about their days.

According to Tennessee local news outlet WMC5, the parents installed the Ring camera in the bedroom of their three young daughters to keep an eye on them. Indoor Ring cameras work with a mobile app that allows users to watch what’s happening in real-time and use the speaker to talk through the camera.

“I did a lot of research on these before I got them. You know, I really felt like it was safe,” Ashley LeMay, the girls’ mother, told WMC5. A big part of Ring’s marketing strategy revolves around making customers feel like their own homes are unsafe, so that they’ll turn to surveillance devices to ease those fears.

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In a video obtained by WMC5 courtesy of the family, you can see what the hacker would have seen: A viewpoint that looms over the entire room from where the camera is installed in a far corner, looking down on their beds and dressers while they play. The hacker is heard playing the song “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” through the device’s speakers, and when one of the daughters, who is eight years old, stops and asks who’s there, the hacker says, “It’s Santa. It’s your best friend.”

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